Beautiful Sky From My Home

Beautiful Sky From My Home

Before you judge the quality of the pictures, let me explained it. That all of this picture below was taken back at 2010 with my nokia cellphone. This sky pictures taken at my house balcony, back then i always amazed by the sky, all the colour that burst in to earth, the way it change from blue to orange. Its good to know that i took this picture back then because right know, my neighbor build a tall tacky house so it block my sky view. And this picture always make me remember my childhood, the house that i grew that falling apart right now.   

So its true, that every single picture event that look so meaningless hold some memories.

Solar sinks give his last rays

this one I took when afternoon clouds see little rows, I think this is the vehicle the sky occupants were home

looks like a scene from a tropical island vacation, this is from my balcony

Twilight is so bright

This photo was taken right in front of my lecture hall, I think this gives a feeling lonely, alone and old.

I often think that at that beautiful sky there is a place where anyone who was there looking down exactly as I looked up. where there is a beautiful place, special and magical for all of us.

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