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5 Things You Must Prepare Before Visiting Indonesia

If you planning to travelling and manage to book flight to one of the largest country in the world, there several thing you must prepare before putting toes in this archipelago country. Others wise you might end up miserable and drain up your mind, body and soul facing this ernoumous country.

1. Either Hot Or Rain

Indonesia is an country with two option weather, either hoy day or rainy day. Thanks to global warming theres no way you can predict the weather, but usually  January till Octobers is rain season and from middle year to the end of year is dry season, it meant a full of sweaty hot days. So prepare umbrella as well tank tops or other summer clothes. Winter jacket will be useless, unless you wanna climb a mountain.

2. Move Out From Jakarta ASAP

I asume you will arrived in Indonesia capital city Jakarta, i suggest to get out from this city ASAP! This city will ruined your holiday with the chaotic traffic, fload in rain season and others horrible things, i couldnt event write it. So prepare your hostel or hotel outside Jakarta, event for first timer Jakarta will suck you up like Alice in a rabbit hole.

3. Get An Local Guide.

Not everyone in Indonesia knew how to speak english, so contac your local guide will be wise decision. It will cut your time for searching place, food and other things. Local guide also helps you a lot understand the culture, what you can dan can’t do in Indonesia. Remember Indonesia may i republic but also the largest moslem country.

4. Don’t Be Stupid Backpackers

Remember all that movies where you can just arrive without plans? Well forget about that! This is Indonesia, you came without preparing anything? You might a dead meat here! Please prepare your hostel, what you want to see, how long will you stay. If something happen to you in Indonesia, you goverment wont be able to help or find you.

5. Bring Cash Or Debit Card.

Well you lucky because rupiah is very weak for dollar, all i can say is almost everything cheap and affordable if you using dollar. Start from five star hotel, food and other things like souvenir, but sadly the price of all that will climb twice for foreigners. Indonesian people will rate up if you a white tourist.  And Indonesia will not accepted travel cheque! So prepare cash or debit card, everything in Indonesia either cash or debit card. 


  1. i like this planning to coming Indonesia ^^

  2. I love this!! I'm currently looking for travel destinations and this is definitely been a big help!

    Theresa Addo