This october Hammie will turn 3 years old in hamster world that meant  70 year old human, mr know it google doesnt recorded the most long live hamster but usually hamster just crawling the earth for 3 year. It can only be one thing! That i have limited time on earth with Hammie before he departure to heaven, recall it october is 9 month to come. As his time past by Hammie look less cute and unenteresthing, his hair fall apart and the back look bold, i try to hold it back by giving vitamin two time a day. My friends said that i should breed Hammie, but i refuse it because you know how many babies hamster can produce, i just don't wanna over populated and i don't think anybody can take care it as good as me, so if i giving all Hammies kiddos they just gonna end up dead by misstreatment. Note the rules of having a pet is if you can't feed them don't breed them!